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The OFVS Studio!

Curating accessible classes and high quality instruction in a safe and positive environment for all ages, levels and abilities!




We don't have a formal dress code for classes at our studio. We promote a body positive space in which students are encouraged to wear what is comfortable for them! As long as their clothes don't inhibit their ability to move, don't pose a safety risk, and don't promote violence or any kind of hate speech, we love seeing each student rock their individual style!

The only requirements we have:

  • Hair must be pulled back for dance classes

  • Proper shoes must be worn, no socks or bare feet unless specifically requested by the Teaching Artist

Drop Off &

Pick Up

Should I stay or should I go!? Great question! 

Toddies age classes (3-5 years old) require a guardian to stay on site during the duration of the class. This allows for students to engage as must as they are comfortable and able during class without the Teaching Artist taking time away from class to assist individual needs. 

Our studio policy is that every student in 5th grade and younger must be dropped off and picked up inside the building by a guardian or specified adult. 

Students in 6th grade and above may be dropped off in the parking lot and are allowed to walk out to the lot to meet their guardians after class. We do ask that during evening classes that students walk together so no one is outside alone. A teacher will always wait until everyone has been picked up, so please be prompt on pick up times!

Join us!

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